Piano 2 hands

      "For child impressions", 7 miniatures for children, 1974
      "Old-Music": Minuet, Polonaise, Waltz, Gavotte, Sarabande, 1981
      "Sonatina in three movements", 1982
      "Silent Film", 1984
      Impressions, moods and characters, piano pieces for youth (2 folders), 2012
      "On the Farm" (10 pieces for children), 2013
Restless, 2016 Presto, 2016

Piano ensembles

      Concert Suite for two pianos - Express allegro, Theater waltz, Nocturne, Burlesque, 1986
      "In the fairy tale kingdom", suite for piano, 4 hands, 1989
      "The purple flowers", suite for piano, 4 hands, 1994
      Small lullaby Mumi-march, Swirling Motif, canter for piano, 4 hands, 1996
      Waltz and grotesque waltz melancolique, 2 pieces for 2 pianos, 2000
      Bird choir forest spirits choir, flowers lullaby, 3 Pieces for piano 4 hands, 2006
      "Postscript" for piano, 4 hands, 2008
      "Small Instrument Encyclopedia" for piano 2 and 4 hands, 2012
      Jewish song, love romance, tango, chanson, Boogie for piano 4 hands, 2013
      Tango Vita for 2 pianos (Version for piano 4 hands), 2014
      "Live Mechanics in d" for 2 pianos, 2017

Piano, 6 hands (one piano)

      "Forest Songs", 7 pieces, 1997

Piano, 8 hands (2 pianos)

      "Echoes from the musical" for 2 pianos, 8 hands, 2008
      Concert piece 2005, (2006 - 2nd prize at the international composers' competition in tokyo)

Arrangement for piano

      „Peter und der Wolf“ von S. Prokofiev for clarinet, cello and piano, 2009
      Italienisches Konzert von J. S. Bach for flute and piano, 2010

Voice and piano

      "Evening rendezvous", vocal cycle for soprano and piano by R.Berns, 1975
      "Spring Morning", vocal cycle for soprano and instrumental ensemble, 1979
      Three Romances for soprano and piano, poems by A. Block, 1984
      "The star of the past", vocal cycle for baritone and piano, G. Byron's poems, 1987
      "Very creepy and Other Stories", for high voice after D.Harms, 1991
      "Liebeslobgesang", vocal cycle for tenor and piano by the english Poets, 1992
      "Comic owls, funny scenes for medium voice and piano by O.Grigoriev, 1994
      "Eternity or moment," lyrical miniatures for soprano and piano, 10 romances, 1995
      "Love Songs", vocal cycle for tenor and piano, poems by German poets, 2000 (Vesion for bariton and sopran, 2013)

Arrangement and transcriptions for piano 4 hands, 2 pianos

      Suite from the opera by E. Humperdink's "Hansel and Gretel" for piano, 4 hands, 1990 (1995-1st prize at the competition for composers in japan)
      "Three Piglets", transcription for two pianos by topic by D. Wautt, 1995
      Prelude and Allegro by F. Kreisler for string ensemble and piano, 1996
      "Dance of the Hours" for piano 4 hands from "La Gioconda" by A. Ponchielli, 2008
      "Pictures at an Exhibition" by M. Mussorgsky for piano 4 hands, 2008