Chamber music

      String Quartet No. 1, 1972
      Three pieces for violin and piano ensemble, 1987
      "The Song of the Old Cowboy", "Humoresque", 2 pieces for cello and piano, 1989
      Sonata for cello and piano in 3 sets, 1989
      "Declaration of love" for cello ensemble, 1990
      7 pieces for string ensemble and piano, 1996
      Trio fantasy for clarinet, violin and piano, 1999 (publishing house "New Music", 2009)
      "Passacaglia e Toccata" for violin, cello and piano, 2001 (version with double bass, 2011)
      String quartet No. 2, 2011
      "Rhapsody for 4" for bassoon quartet (version "Novelletten for 3 clarinets"), 2000
      Scherzo for tuba and piano, 2002
      Konzertstück for flute (oboe) and piano, 2003
      "Scherzando and Cantabile" for violin and cello, 2006
      Toccata for flute, violin and piano, 2010
      "On the Way", "Peaceful Song" for horn and piano, 2012
      ”Broadway Dance” for alt saxofon and piano, 2014
      “Tango Vita” for 7 Saxophon and piano, 2017

Violin and piano

    "Waltz Grotesque", 1998 (Publishing House "New Music", 2001)
      "Impromptu", 2000
      "Declaration of Love", 2011

Violin and organ

      "Declaration of love", 2000, "Fight and reconciliation," 2011 (CD "Aeolus", 2012)
      "Fight and reconciliation" for violin and orgel, 2011 (CD "Aeolus", 2012)
      ”Do not say adieu” (Tango), 2014
      “Broadway Dance” for violin and organ or piano (version for alto saxophone and piano), 2014